If you would like a Christian funeral please ask your funeral director to get in contact with us. Services can be held at the creamatorium, a chapel in a cemetary or at St Michael's Church itself. Our clergy will meet you to work through the service so that it reflects the life of the person who has died. The service moves from earth to heaven as we move from greeting the mourners, to remembering the one who has died all the while asking for God's comfort and then committing the decesed  into God's care.

A Funeral at St Michael's Church

Funerals have been held at St Michael's Church for hundreds of years.  Church funeral services can be longer than those at the crematorium and with a large church building we can  accommodate congregations of up to three hundred and forty people. We have a team of organists who can play hymns as part of the service and we can play recorded music through our sound system.

Our graveyard is closed so we can't take any new burials so the committal will take place at the crematorium or at a cemetary.


Grave yard at St Michael's Church