Thy Kingdom Come

Last year, Thy Kingdom Come had an impact on people's lives throughout the world. It is an annual global prayer initiative, led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, that encourages Christians to spend more time focussed on their relationship with God.

What is Thy Kingdom Come?

In this video, the Archbishop of Canterbury reflects on what happened last year. Justin Welby also explains that Jesus wants us to pray and be brought more in-tune with God, so that we can align our actions with the needs of the world.

When is it happening this year?

Between Ascension and Pentecost - 10th to 20th May 2018.

How do I pray?

There are so many ways to pray, but don't worry because each way is personal to you. Prayer is a conversation, it is a way to grow closer to Jesus and a way to let Jesus into your life.

There are loads of examples of how to pray available on the website and a great journal to help which can be downloaded here

There will also be events taking place throughout the Team Parish and Diocese to help us to pray together.

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