Help for Basingstoke’s Vulnerable

Some clients of the Camrose CentreTop Photo: Food donations.

Bottom Photo: Clients of the Camrose Centre in conversation.

Basingstoke is a prosperous town, with many factories, warehouses, offices, shops and restaurants; it can be easy to ignore the 20 or more people who sleep rough in the town every night. Sleeping in places such as campsites, wheelie bin cupboards and graveyards; these are some of the clients of the Camrose Centre.

For the last 12 years, the Camrose Centre for the Homeless and Vulnerably Housed has helped support Basingstoke’s ‘invisibles’. The charity helps them to survive and to find ways out of their predicaments.

A team from the 15-strong pool of Camrose volunteers, led by a professional Manager and a Support Worker, open up Glebe Hall every Tuesday and Thursday to provide 40+ people with meals, food parcels and survival items like waterproof clothes. Hopefully these simple items will tie them over until the next opening. They will also be signposted to other agencies who can meet their individual needs. But the number of clients is steadily rising.

However, with the help of this charity some of Basingstoke’s most vulnerable are able to change their life for the better.

Reflecting on how the Camrose Centre has made a difference, Mike Browning commented that “listening to clients who have re-established contact with their families, particularly young children as part of their recovery” has been one of his highlights. Mike is a trustee of the Camrose Centre and a Licensed Lay Minister at St Michael’s Church.

Mike says being involved with the Camrose Centre has “given me the opportunity to live out one aspect of my faith which had remained untapped. It has also forced me to look at all people in a much less judgemental way.”

But as winter approaches the team worries that the lives of the Camrose clients just gets more difficult. Even the basic right of staying warm and fed becomes more of a challenge. This is one of the few places in Basingstoke where many can go to get a warm meal and dry clothing.

Please Help Support Camrose

With the cold nights drawing in, the needs of Basingstoke’s homeless and vulnerable become increasingly acute. Do you have any warm and waterproof clothing that could be spared?

Donations can be made at:-

  • Glebe Hall, St Michael’s Church Campus, Basingstoke, RG21 7QW - 10am to 2pm, Every Tuesday and Thursday

Or to support the centre with a financial contribution please visit

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