Bishop David visits St John's School

On the Thursday before half-term Bishop David (the Bishop of Basingstoke) visited St John's School for the special occasion of  opening the school's new library. A year ago, the school had grown so much that their library had to be used as a classroom, but thanks to the hard work of parents and  governors, and support from Basingtoke and Deane and the diocese of Winchester, the school began in September with a wonderful new library which is also an environmentally friendly building. The roof is covered with solar panels so that the library makes more electricity than it uses, and it is so well insulated that it doesn't lose heat.
Bishop David visited all the classrooms, spoke to the whole school in the hall and then everyone went outside to watch him cut the red ribbon to declare the building open.  The next day, all the children brought books that they had written in the past week, to put into the library.

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