What We Believe

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... that the Gospel shows us Jesus welcoming everyone who came to him, and that no one is outside God’s mercy.

...in God who made the world through overflowing love, and that it is in the life, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we see most clearly what God is like.

...that God loves everyone and is longing for each one of us to love God in return

If you want to find out more about Jesus and his life and teaching, this website might be helpful


If you have a question, you can use our Contact Form to e-mail us and we will try to answer.

We try to follow God’s example and live out what we believe about God's love for everyone...

...by offering a welcome to anyone who visits All Saints, whether or not they believe in God. If you are interested you are welcome.

...through support given to the Food Bank, to Camrose Centre, by running a monthly Fairtrade stall and by our registration with Inclusive Church

Basingstoke Foodbank