Art & Architecture: Stained Glass

The stained glass is one of the glories of All Saints'.

  • The east window is in the medieval style designed to tell a story, presumably from a time when many people couldn’t read.
  • The Lady Chapel windows are unusual in that women are the main figures, Mary the mother of Jesus, Elizabeth her cousin, and Mary Magdalene.
  • The West windows are much more modern in style and try to express emotions and experiences that would be hard to put into words. As well as being great pieces of art the west windows complement the more traditional stained glass in All Saints'.
  • This church is dedicated to all the saints and some of the better known saints are represented in stained glass on the South side of the church St Cecilia, patron saint of musicians, St Christopher, patron saint of travellers and St Boniface and in the Memorial Chapel St Alban and St Martin.

photograph of stained glass window dedicated to St Cecilia    photograph of stained glass window dedicated to St Christopher   photogarph of stained glass window dedicated to St Boniface