Art & Architecture: Memorial Chapel

This tiny chapel reminds us that All Saints' was built during the dark days of World War One. Most of the church is light and airy; this chapel can seem as if it is still in the shadow of those dark times. Originally called the “Warrior Chapel” now usually called the “Memorial Chapel” the proper name might be “The Chapel of St Martin and St Alban.”

The two stained glass windows in the chapel represent the “warrior saints” - St Alban and St Martin. St Alban was the first person known to have died for his faith in England.

The reredos was designed by Mr Leslie Moore, the son-in-law of Temple Moore and was painted by Charles Head. On each side are listed the men associated with All Saints', who gave their lives in the First World War 1914-1918.

A Remembrance Sermon from 2001, (see this web page), has details on some of the men and thoughts on remembrance.

The chapel is immediately under the tower and organ.