Coming to All Saints for the first time?

You will be welcome, whether you have been going to church all your life, or if you have never been to a service before. If you have any questions you want to ask before you come to a service, you are welcome to contact the vicar or one of the church wardens.

Some frequently asked questions about coming to a service:

How will I know what to do during the service?

image of Orders of serviceThe service is printed out in a service book, with quite a lot of explanation included, but no one at All Saints minds being asked if you are not sure what to do. You will be given this booklet when you come in, and you can ask the welcomer who gives it to you if you have any other questions.

I am worried about someone I know and want to pray for them. How can I do this?

image of prayer candlesChristians believe that you can pray for people anywhere and at any time, but sometimes it is easier to come close to God in a place where many people have prayed. If you come to service and just sit there and think of the person and hold them in God’s love, you are praying for them.
If you want us to include the name of the person you are concerned about in our prayers, ask one of the welcomers when you come in to the service, and we will try to make sure this happens.
There is also an opportunity during or after every service to light a candle as a symbol of a personal prayer, or in memory of someone. Many members of the congregation find this helpful – if you would like to light a candle but can’t see where to do so, please ask.

What happens if I am late?

image of clock faceNothing happens – we are glad to see you whenever you arrive



Where do I sit?

image of pewsYou can sit where you like. If you are coming for the first time, tell the people who are welcoming you and giving out the books, and they will try to find someone to sit near you who can help during the service.
If you have children you may find it easier to sit on the left of the church as you will be nearer to the toys there.

I can’t hear very well/I find it difficult to read some print/I find steps difficult.

image of hearing loop signimage of large print textWe have a loop system installed so you should be able to hear if you have a hearing aid.
We have large print hymn books and service booklets.
There are no steps to get into the church, and it is easy to fit a wheel chair in. If you want to take communion but are worried about the steps, the priest will bring the bread and wine to you, as long as you tell one of the welcomers that you would like to.

I don’t know if my children will manage to keep quiet

photograph of children's toy/p[lay area in All Saints churchWe don’t expect children to keep completely quiet! If your child is happiest walking, then let him or her walk around the back and sides of the church..
We have toys and a small play area on the north (left hand) side of the church, and folders with pencils, paper etc for older children. Please bring your children to the communion rail when the time comes, and the priest will give them a blessing.

I’m allergic to wheat

image of glute-free symbolWe have gluten free wafers. Please ask when you come if you would like one of these.