About the Team Parish

About 150 years ago, the small town of Basingstoke began to grow, as the railway came and more people came here to work. St Michael's was the parish church of Basingstoke, and by the end of the 19th century, the Rector realised that a new church was needed for the people living in the new houses in the south of the town (the area that is now Top of Town and Fairfields) .

All Saints church was opened in a "tin hut" in 1902 and the new building was dedicated in 1917.

The town then grew again after World War 2, and St Peter's was dedicated in 1965 to serve the new community of South Ham, and then Christ the King in Brighton Hill and St Gabriel's in Popley.

In 1974 the churches became one team, so that they could continue to work together.

In 2014 St Gabriel's became a separate parish in north Basingstoke, so now the four churches of St Michael's, All Saints', St Peter's and Christ the King are the team parish of Basingstoke, encouraging and supporting each other in worship,

You can see the area covered by the Team Parish, and the individual churches within the Team on this map: